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The Basics

Why do we utilize questions

Questions help engage people to discover something new. A powerful question is enough to forge a profound mental shift — the type that precedes those “aha!” moments that don’t come too often. Our team believes in helping people lead more meaningful connections to everyday life. That’s why we created a simple tool to help Engage, Discover, and Connect you with anyone.

Questions elicit information

Asking the right question is at the heart of effective communications and information exchange.

    inspiring you to discover something new

    Questions inspire people to discover something new, to unearth new knowledge.


    Questions stimulate thought

    That’s why good teachers ask questions of their students rather than just lecture at them.

    persuade through questions

    This is how hotshot courtroom attorneys win their cases. They ask questions of a witness, but those questions make an argument, and ultimately the chain of questions persuades the jury.

    questions forge intimacy

    We feel that sense of connection because the questions have bespoken (or sparked) mutual curiosity. The questions have created a sense of collaboration. We have asked questions of one another because we share some interest—or because we are interested in one another. The questions, in turn, deepen that shared interest. So questions build closeness.

    Our Categories


    These questions are designed to capture your attention! They will make you think hard and without a doubt, create meaningful conversations between people.


    Questions for People who are looking to grow their relationship and understanding of one another’s experiences. This category is full of questions that will leave you deep in thought and will require vulnerability to answer. They may even help you get to know yourself better in the process!


      Questions in this category are questions you can ask just about anyone! They are sure to make you laugh, while offering you an opportunity to create connections with new and old friends.


      Questions in this category were created with the intention of people getting to know one another more completely! Some questions will press into intense previous experiences while others will give you an opportunity to explain how you see the world uniquely!


      Getting to know someone can be hard! These questions were designed to facilitate quality conversation between two people. Questions under this topic are mostly straightforward and lighthearted!


      These questions were carefully crafted by our marriage experts to help you know your better half more fully! The questions asked in this category will give couples the opportunity to reminisce on past experiences and dream together about their future.

      Questions inspire curiosity

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      Questions are meant to be intentional
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